Rock Internal Storage File type

Want to determine if the internal storage on rock is able to used for music files if pulled from the rock system. Example, I abandon Roon for what ever reason and need my music files for the next system, Is there any way to do this? I am trying to avoid a 3rd set of hard drives since the ones I have now are actually not backed up because the files in the Rock appear to be encrypted.

It is ext4 format, so yes you can access the data outside ROCK if needed.


They are not encrypted. Ext4 is a linux based file system and not easily read by Windows for example. So, while Martin is correct you can access the data, whether or not you will be able to do so, or, do so easily depends on what other computers you have, the OS their running, etc.

That is why I always suggest using usb attached HD formated as exFat, can move it around anywhere.

Thanks for the responses, I understand this so far. I see programs to read ext4 on windows. Lets say next year I do not renew Roon and go back to Jriver or volumio, are the files still flac, wav, dsd, dff, dsf, ect, and copy-able to a windows drive?

Yes. They are still in their original format.

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