Rock ip adress incorporated in roon laptop


I have a problem with my rock via NUC
When i have log in to my rock the message i get is that there is no network

On the other hand is when i use roon with my laptop login then i get ip adress of my rock so my rock ip adress is incorporated in my laptop login.
This problem started with the latest build 790 update
I can approach my rock but when i logoff my laptop i can’t approach my rock anymore, can someone help me ?

Peter Ockeloen

Ps i use a nuc 7

Hey @Peter_Ockeloen,

Thanks so much for choosing to reach out and report this issue. I’m sorry that you’ve ran into it.

Also, apologies for taking this long to get back to you :pleading_face:

If I understand correctly, you’re trying to use your NUC as a RoonCore (ROCK) but you can’t. However, when using your laptop as a Core you can use it and see your ROCK on the network. Is that correct?

Could you please send us a screenshot of the error you’re seeing when trying to use your NUC as a Core? Also, would you mind sharing some details about your setup and network?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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