ROCK is alive, but not discoverable [Solved: SMB2 was disabled]

Core Machine
“ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) stable” on NUC Dawson Canyon

Network Details
Portal Router; tracks

Audio Devices

Library Size

Description of Issue

  1. I assembled a new NUC to run ROCK.
  2. Assembly went well as did ROCK installation.
  3. ROCK is running, ROON is running, and I restored settings from previous Win10 Roon implementation, and took the old box offline.
  4. I can see ROCK on my router’s list of devices, I can access the ROON Quick Menu (which alerted me to a missing codec situation), and I can ping the ROCK ip.

6. I cannot discover the ROCK NUC on my network to update the codec situation: (a) iOS devices can’t see it, (b) Win 10 devices can’t see it, (c) Remote Desktop can’t see it, (d) Map Network Drive can’t see it.
7. Seems like the NUC does not ‘want’ to be discovered.

Actions taken:
Many restarts of NUC & Router. no change.
Enabled wireless connection via rock control panel. no change, NUC remained invisible on wireless device search also. disabled wireless. NUC remained invisible via ethernet [but ping still OK, etc].
Reviewed roon community support

Thank you for your ideas about this & request very detailed non-expert instructions …

Maybe you got bitten by this:

@BlackJack Thank You! this was correct diagnosis. I found the remedy here:

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Hey @anon11710408 … thanks for responding! I have only had success connecting to ROCK using the full ip address.

I’ll try unplugging everything if the problem persists. Thank you!

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