ROCK is stable, but finding related/influential artists takes 20+ seconds to load

Not sure why this is the case, but since transferring my modest-sized library from a Windows 10 system to a dedicated ROCK, when I click on an artist, it takes exceptionally long for Roon to load the “Similar/Related/Influential” artists at the bottom of the page. I just get a Roon loading icon.

Is this a known issue? I don’t remember this occurring on 1.6, but I could be wrong. My ROCK is an i3, but nevertheless, I can’t imagine this takes a lot of processing power.

Curious on people’s experiences.

There is no known issue. This is nearly always network settings or network issues.

My guess is bad DNS settings.

Try or

What hardware specifically? Just an i3 doesn’t say much.

Uhhh, it’s an Intel NUC. 8th Gen, I think?

My DNS is Cloudflare (, but that’s what I am having issues with, I suppose.