Rock issues on Nuc [bad m.2]

I installed Roon on a new Windows computer. When it started I connected it to the core (Rock on Nuc) and was prompted to update devices which I accepted. Now I’m getting nothing. The Nuc seems to be in a reboot loop. I’ve plugged a monitor into the HDMI port but don’t get any output. The power goes out and comes back on about every 30 seconds on the Nuc.


You don’t see an intel boot logo on your NUC?

If so, you may have a hardware failure… the Intel logo shows up well before the OS is given any control.

Thanks Danny.

I took the Nuc apart and removed the SSD, memory and M.2 drive. Put it back together with the memory and M.2 drive but without the SDD. Rock then booted. I then opened it back up and put the SSD in and now everything is back to normal. However, I’m concerned a component is going out.

My issue returned again today. I managed to upgrade the bios on the NUC to the latest version. And, video out works as long as the internal SSD isn’t installed. I plugged the SSD into a toaster and my PC doesn’t even recognize it so that has to be the issue. For now, I think I’ll just point the library folder directly to my NAS. I’ve got about 15000 tracks in my library. How much of a performance hit do you think I’ll take by not having it on internal storage?

EDIT: Now that I think about it, the drive wouldn’t show up in Windows Explorer if it was formatted on a different OS. I checked disk management and it does show there as a volume. I’m even more confused now.

I just wanted to post back after finally resolving my issue.

The problem all along was a bad M.2 drive. A new drive and fresh install of Rock corrected the boot issues. It’s a TERRIBLE design for a computer to not display the boot screen if the drive is bad in my opinion. What was Intel thinking? That obviously didn’t have much QA involved.

What model?

You have to look at the pattern of the Power LED blinks if no boot screen is showing…

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Glad you got it sorted! I helped a friend who had somewhat similr probles with his NUC. In the end he sent it to me for reinstall and checkup, and i almost lost my mind trying to make the little brick work.
Turned out it was the bastard Transcend m.2 that was the culprit. Exchanged it for a Samsung 970 Pro NVMe and he’s been happy everafter! :slight_smile:

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