ROCK keeps rebooting

ROCK was fine yesterday but this afternoon it was continually connecting then losing connection. I hooked it up to a monitor and what is happening is the computer - intel nuni5 is rebooting over and over.

It will get to the connection screen showing the IP address correctly then after a second or two the reboot happens. Any suggestions?

Not a network issue since during the 2 seconds it is up Roon will show correctly.

Hi @docdan60,

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link — Once you’ve sent that over we’ll take a look.

Can you also confirm whether or not you’re able to access the Web UI?


When the computer connects although briefly I can get to the web ui. I have restarted the os but lost connection due to reboot. When I sit and watch the monitor I have connected the mic starts shows the splash screen then shows Roon starting then says the web ui is available at It will either then reboot right away or stay connected a few seconds then reboot again and again. This goes on as long as the power is on. I will get the logs tomorrow

Reseat the RAM and SSD and see how that goes. Also make sure the FAN is not clogged with dust causing themal shutdowns

I did both and still have the problem. I have not tried to get into the bios yet and will do that when I have a chance and go to default setting and see what happens. Fortunately I have all my music backed up and I moved the core to my mac and pointed to the backups she I have access to all my music. Ny nuc is in a finless case and again was working well two days ago. I wonder if an electrical surge damaged something.

hope the thermal joint is not an issue…see how the temps look in the bios…if it has them - been a while since I was in there…my Fanless is running ticketyboo

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