ROCK-like “Bridge” for NUC

How about a version of bridge for NUC that works like ROCK to make an easy endpoint out of a NUC without having to do a full OS install?

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This works already…just load up rock and you are done

Just never go in and setup as a core

Just use ROCK. It is visible and can be selected as an endpoint. No need to log into it, just install and the core sees it.

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You don’t even need to use a NUC…many small form factor machines will be fine. I use an intel D510MO that cant pull the skin of a rice pudding as a core but powers along as a silent roon endpoint no worries at all.

You need to add the codec I think, but I can’t recall for sure.

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Why NUC for such a simple task?

Raspberry with minimal Raspy Stretch lite and Roon’s Bridge is a simple and good solution.

wizardofoz, Henry_McLeod
However the roonserver process remains running and consumes computer resources. Also ROCK cannot be installed on ARM (SoC) which are often used as an endpoint. So the request is relevant.

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I already have the NUC and it’s not being used for anything else.

I agree, which is why I asked the same a while back making specific reference to the single core Celeron NUC which was still current in the Intel NUC inventory when I asked. I may however have suggested it as a partner to the Nucleus and I don’t think that had any sway at the time. A super compact OS/bridge that fitted on the on board storage would have been a killer application! I am sure someone did do it but it didn’t get any traction beyond a couple of us who were interested but didn’t have the necessary skills. I ended up with a SATA DOM powered direct off the SATA connector.

Because, AFAIK, it is still not possible to do multichannel (5.1 or 7.1) audio via the RPi’s HDMI connector. So those of us who want a home cinema system as a Roon endpoint need an alternative. A NUC running ROCK is one such device.

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Which is easy for me, as I have considered a TV connected PC to be a necessary Home Theater component since the late 90s.

Roon can play movies?! How?

No. But it can play multi-channel music.

Nope the conversion is done by the core not the endpoint so codecs are not necessary.

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