ROCK like Roon Brige image that runs on UEFI boot

Celeron and Pentium NUCs make great USB endpoints. They do not have legacy boot and need a UEFI capable OS.
Currently I configure them using dietpi / Roon Bridge. Roon Bridge updates automatically through the Roon interface, but dietpi needs to be updated by SSHing into the device.

It would be great to have a version of ROCK

  • that boots UEFI, so it can be used on Celeron and Pentium NUCs
  • that does not carry the full ROCK functionality, but only the lean Bridge, minimizing load on especially the Celerons

I am quite sure almost all of what would be needed to implement this already exists in ROCK.

I have just updated dietpi on my NUC Pentium based Roon Bridge and I was wondering if the above request was ever considered.
With a ROCK like Roon Bridge endpoint on my Pentium NUC, I wouldn’t need to update anything.

Just install ROCK and dont setup the server. This is what I am doing on a nUc endpoint. Works well auto updates, stable .

I think the issue here is that ROCK requires a legacy boot option in the BIOS, which the Celeron/Pentium NUCs don’t have…

Doh! Missed that in the main title. Monday’s!!!

Yes, I am aware of that. I would assume that at some point in time ROCK will have to move to UEFI boot, just to keep up with the >Pentium NUCs’ inevitable move to UEFI.

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I second your interest. I would like to see a UEFI boot for my Azulle Inspire core machine.

I discovered the Azulle Inspire does offer a legacy boot option so I was able to install ROCK.