ROCK M2 activation for fiber input to NUCs

It would be nice if the currently inactive second M2 port on the recommended list of NUCs was enabled. Also on the Nucleus and Nucleus +.

One use case (besides WiFi) is to allow a direct fiber optic interface to the NUCs and, for those who have spent the not-inconsiderable cost of Nuclei, to get their Roon devices another step closer to ‘audiophile nirvana’ by eliminating copper all the way to their Roon Cores.

There are readily available and quite affordable interface/adapter boards to physically allow this with NUCs and Nuclei (see Tinkering).

There is also a huge topic on fiber implementation - indicating considerable interest in achieving this.

One of the marketing thrusts of the Nuclei was to appeal to the non-tinkerer. But there will also be a considerable body of Nuclei owners quite prepared to do the relatively simple fiber (or WiFi) installation once the M2 port is active. And, for the non-tinkerer Nuclei owner, activating the input will be a moot point that does not affect them.

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I just posted same question , have you made any progress ? Thanks.

No. Roon would have to allow it via an update for use in the Nucleus (which I own) or you can experiment with a non-Nucleus platform. I haven’t tried the non-Nucleus option yet.

I was told in a reply from Roon that allowing use of the second M2 port on the Nucleus ‘…was not likely’.

May well be a good technical reason - if so, would like to know what it is, rather than just being told ‘not likely’ as it seems a worthwhile ‘tinker’.

One lives in hope…