ROCK - Multiple CD ROM drive support

I’ve just set up an Intel NUC with Roon as a music server for my home. As I aggregate all the music of the household, I’ve got over 700 CDs, many of which I want to load into Roon as FLAC.

The software supports autodetection of one CD drive, but that’s it. Ripping via the Roon SW isn’t that fast. Multiple CD drive support would speed up my ripping a lot.

The Intel NUCs have 4 USB ports, three available if one is used to drive a DAC. If I could run 3 CD Rom drives at once, it would take me 1/3rd the time to rip my collection.

I’ve seen other threads that expressed the idea that Roon not support ripping because of other solutions out there. I guess these were older threads before it was added. Since it has been added, please support multiple drives.

Man, no one is ever happy. People complained that ROCK got ripping support and you want it to support multiple drives. :laughing:

If you have another machine, then you can run another ripping program. I think dbPowerAmp will rip multiple CDs simultaneously.

Thanks… I’m new and climbing the learning curve.

As a product manager (among many things in my past), I like the view that if you add it to a product, it ought to be complete. The ripping is good as far as it goes, and going from one CD rom support to many is much easier than just putting the first one in.

And I get that this is “Feature Requests” not “Feature Demands”… But hay, they can’t say yes if I don’t ask!



One other thing.

Don’t know where your head is at, but there are services that will rip those CDs for you. I think it’s fairly cheap to do.

I’m sure… But my hope is that I could bang out 10-20 a day. Then for no cost I’d get the library ripped, as well as being able to sort disks, find duplicates (it’s my wife and my collection that was merged when we got married), Maybe try to polish some that are old and won’t rip. That rate is a stretch with only 1 drive attached. With three attached, I’d have the library done in about a month or less.

Doing the vinyl will be a bitch. Commercial record digitizers aren’t cheap. That would be a couple grand for my collection.

Not sure why you’d use ROCK to do this. dbPoweramp, pc with 3 drives, works great.

The request is a reasonable one in my view. The limitation may be resources allocated to multiple drives may impact on two core four thread machines which includes the majority of NUC’s out there as well as the Nucleus. But lets see if Roon respond here.

So, here’s why I’d like this. And by the way, I’ve been a product manager for many years, among other things.

If one is going to make a product, and one has to get lots of other bits and pieces to get it to work, it’s a component, and no a solution. It’s just a fancy lego block, and the customer has to create the full embodiment of what is needed to meet the needs of the user.

Roon launched a CD ripper function with the ROCK OS. But it’s not a complete solution. In fact, most replies here are "yes, editing metadata in Roon is painful. Go outside to dbPowerAmp or the like. Now the ripper function in ROCK is useless. And my cost of deploying my solution is now up by the cost of dbPowerAmp or whatever, the cost of ownership of this product has just gone up, but what, $50?

Now I’m finding that the way that ROCK creates files, especially for boxed sets, is exactly COUNTER to Roon’s own KB articles. I didn’t code how they write to disc, nor do I code how boxed sets are dealt with. But Roon has created a system where thier own ripping processes aren’t compatible with the way it imports files. As a product manager, I’d have to say… “Mistakes were made…”

I’ve got two teenage kids, and a wonderful wife that is bad at tech. I looked to Roon to set up a home based system to bring chaos to the mess. And I’m finding it pretty good, but lacking in some very fundamental ways.

I’m here to try to learn (and that’s hard, documentation isn’t great) and as I come up with things, some will be because I’m ocationally an idiot, but I’m also someone looking for a SOLUTION, not just one more brick I have to build a solution out of. Roon seems to be a good way down the path to being a solution, and it’s good enough I’ll stick with it. At least for a while.

But it’s rough on the edges. Things like boxed sets aren’t rare, and they are a royal pain in the ass for which Roon could do some minor things to fix (like a better disc metadata editing interface, including the ability to move multiple tracks at once) the problem from a show stopper to something that I could live with. And I’m not alone. I searched on the boards before posting, and this issue of track editing also comes up in playlists, where one has to move tracks one at a time.

For the case of multiple CD rom drive support being a resource hog, maybe that’s valid, maybe not. One could prioritize based on CPU load, and then at least the drives could all be loaded at once, and it would find it’s way through ripping them as clock cycles allowed. But whatever the truth is, Roon isn’t yet a solution. It’s still in the hobbiest stage because lots requires knowldege outside of Roon (mapping network drives in a multi-platform enviornment isn’t easy for many. Heck, I’ve got a PhD in Applied Physics and I’m still having problems connecting my music repositories to Roon.)

I’ll keep plugging away, pointing out where I think it falls short. As to if others agree or not, well, if they do they’ll speak up, and if not, I’ll be a lone voice. That’s fine. Roon isn’t just for me.

Opportunity costs. There is only so many programming hours in a day.

There are so many other things the devs should be working on.

I have to believe that the need to rip on multiple drives simultaneously is wanted/needed by a very small part of the user base, especially now with incorporation of streaming.

So, while you may believe this feature is very important (it seems, so you can one time rip 700 CDs), I don’t think it would get much use in the long run.

This is a non-starter no matter how eloquent or impassioned (or contrived) an argument for this feature might be.

So, all the customers like me who want to use Roon to start a music server are SOL because what they did is half assed? That’s just dumb. I"m not the one who chose to include CD ripping in the ROCK. They did. They just did it poorly.

Fine, ripping is dead because of streaming. Then leave the whole thing out. But if you’re gonna do it, do it right! They did it, and they did it poorly.

Heck, I’m a paying customer! I built my Intel NUC and want to do what this is supposed to do. My voice is as valid as any other. I’m the customer and this embodiment isn’t meeting my needs. Many may agree, or I may be a lone voice. I guess time will tell.

You can call all I wrote contrived. But I’ve been a product manager and built high tech products for over 30 years. You may not think I know what I’m talking about, and that’s OK. It’s my money, I’ve spent it, and I’m providing feedback.

Yes, there are only so many hours in the day to code and build product. I was exited that it would automatically rip CDs into my library. Now I find that it’s slow, and screws up pretty much all boxed set. And pretty much everyone who’s commented agrees, and gets dbPowerAmp or whatever to rip CDs. Might as well not even taken the time to put in CD rom support, if there are so many other pressing needs to code today.

If one is going to deliver a feature, do it well, or not at all, and just point users to a way to get it done. That isn’t what’s going on here.

What do you think is going on here?

If you didn’t have 700 CDs to rip you would have never come up with this feature request.

There isn’t a hardware device (that is geared to the HiFi market) out there that provides the capability to rip to multiple drive simultaneously.

Except those that use dbPowerAmp can have that. It’s fully supported there.

There’s a guy on the board that just got a 17 disc Tangerine Dream set. Ripping through a couple drives sure would be nice. Except that the way Roon rips discs isn’t really boxed set compatible.

I can see that we just see this differently. That’s fine. If I’m a lone voice, the request will die. If others like it and speak up, it may live on. That’s fine with me.

But to answer you directly, what I think is going on here is a good idea, that isn’t finished.

Because ripping CDs is dbPowerAmp’s baliwick.

Roon’s problems with boxed sets isn’t because of the rip, single or multiple drives not withstanding.

That’s true. We’ll see what happens. Have a good life.

Where does the feature list stop? This is dbpoweramp’s feature list for batch ripping:

  • Auto & manual loading (open design, most robots supported),
  • From one to many drives support,
  • Process overview of each drive and ripping status,
  • Highest quality metadata providers: AMG & GD3 (non-commercial access is restricted to 400 lookups in AMG, GD3 not included),
  • Lowest commercial per-CD metadata rates,
  • Extensive customizable meta-data rule sets,
  • Over 120 discs per hour through-put, per machine (6x drives)

Shall we stop at this feature list or take the list further to try to take market share from dbpoweramp? What would be a former product manager’s view?

The feature is, I think, for people who want a music appliance (the Nucleus) and the minimum of user intervention - not for the likes of us with metadata OCD.

In the interests of experimentation, I bought a cheap USB drive, attached it to my ROCK/NUC and fed it a few CDs - a few single albums, and one with 2 CDs. Roon was able to identify all but one of the single albums. It failed to identify a new recording of Julius Eastman’s Femenine, bought direct from a boutique recording label. I used Roon to fill in the details:

Amusingly, when I tried this album with dBpoweramp, it claimed it was Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, in a von Karajan recording…

Roon successfully identified the first disc on the 2-CD set, but it did create a second unidentified album for the second disc. A simple Album Merge, and the set was successfully identified and in the library.

So I think I’ll carry on using the USB drive. It might help wean me off from metadata OCD…

As you say asking for a feature is what this thread is all about :grinning: and the more the merrier.

However, as part of the service, some of us who have been on the forums a long time will, at absolutely no cost to you, give you an idea as to how likely the adoption of that request is…
It’s normally not a criticism of the request, per se, just a commentary on it’s chances.

Multiple CR ROM support as an example has, in mine and others estimation, a very low chance of adoption. The idea is valid, just not likely.

Yep I can’t see it being a priority, it’s a very specialised feature, hence why you only see it on dbpoweramp for professional application of batch ripping from robot cd drive systems etc or multi attached disc. It’s more suited to a computer based workflow. ROCK is essentially a device to manage your music. As others have mentioned you won’t find this feature any any hardware designed for audio, non of the expensive audio servers allow this feature and they are in the region of thousands of £$ and a lot of those are aimed at the classical music listener.