ROCK + NAS headless [resolved misunderstanding]

Hi Roon team would it make sense to use ROCK instead of (or in addition to) the headless Linux instance I am running currently on my QNAP TVS-471 I3?

My current 1.3 setup now works really well but I like the sound of a web interface. I use my NAS as my main and only pc now and obviously it’s lacking a visible UI apart from using tablets/IOS devices for remote control purposes.

I miss the nice pc style interface it would be good to have this for direct use from within the NAS.

I don’t have much Linux experience to approach setting up a virtualised machine to host the windows app etc


ROCK is RoonServer only… no head either.

Thanks for the response. Sorry I am not clear given my ignorance in this space.

I think you are saying I’m off down the wrong track here - correct? i.e. this is not feasible.

Assuming yes any other suggestions?

Thank you

are you assuming that ROCK has a gui?

I thought I read you say it will have a web based interface so that was my thinking yes

ah… just a simple misunderstanding then…

I just checked my last post, and it says:

it will provide a web browser based configuration for networking setup, factory reset, power/reboot, etc…

No music stuff; it’s a web UI for ROCK, not for Roon.

My mistake thanks for confirming

A GUI for the current NAS environment or a web interface for Roon would be ideal even if still just getting access to control the core and devices on the same local network