ROCK no longer reads "Storage" containing my music files

Roon Server Machine

ROCK on NUC10i7, Samsung SSD for Roon OS, USB-C 5TB drive for music files

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS RT-AX3000, Starlink IPv6 Internet

Connected Audio Devices

Denafrips DAC via USB, Meridian DAC via spdif

Number of Tracks in Library

100k ++

Description of Issue

My ROCK locked up solid after doing the latest early access release and would no longer communicate over CAT6 or HDMI. I reinstalled and have access to all my music files on Tidal and Qobuz but it no longer accesses the external USB drive containing all my local music files. I don’t think I had to do anything special for it to access this when I originally setup my ROCK, it just showed up under “Storage” but now that is empty. I’ve verified that this drive works fine when plugged into other computers.

Is the music drive formatted as NTFS? If so, it got probably “uncleanly unmounted” when the ROCK locked up, and now ROCK refuses to access it until it is cleaned, to avoid potential data loss.

If NTFS, try this:


Hey Suedkiez,

You are aways amazingly helpful! You were right, it must have been engaged in a write operation when it went down (I think the update mentioned something about optimizing the library). After I plugged this into my Windows machine and had it scan/repair, I plugged it back into the ROCK and it showed right up.

Thanks again,


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Merry Christmas to you as well…

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