ROCK not connecting need help

The support forum seems to indicate that it is for Nucleus and Metadata issues so sorry if I mis-posted here.
I was away from home and when I came back the lights on my Roon Rock were flashing. I turned it off, waited and turned it on. Now when I try to go to the management page I just get the materializing boxes graphic that you normally see when it is booting, nonstop. If I try to go to the drive through my mac network finder I get “Connection failed.” What do I do to troubleshoot? Was there an upgrade in the last three or four days that may have caused this? I have an I7 with an internal SSD Drive.

Connect a screen (HDMI) and see what is going on when you boot.

Thank you very much for reminding me to plug in the HDMI. To its credit ROCK has worked so consistently that the obvious first step did not come to mind. However, as if often the case with ROCK, when I turned it off and on again to test the output, low and behold if it did not come right up. Waked to the computer and there was my client connected and the ROCK screen right up. I think the software just toys with us sometimes. Thanks again.


It only breaks when you really need it, like printers.

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