ROCK not responding after power outage

Hi, I have a problem with my ROCK that I am helping the community on here can help with .

A couple of days ago, we had a big thunderstorm here in Singapore. A close lightning strike tripped the main fuse board to our house and we were without power for about six or seven hours.

Everything seemed okay once power was restored, however I realised today that my NUC running ROCK needed to be rebooted as it had obviously lost power in the storm. Once I rebooted the NUC, I was unable to connect to ROCK. The message in the browser is “server not responding”. I can see ROCK on my network through Finder on my Mac and can browse the various files from there.

Do I need to do a system recovery? I’d rather not, if I can help it. Installing and configuring ROCK tested the limits of my technical capabilities!

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

Dropped you a pm. Backing up your database has been to where? Assume you have backed it up.

That sucks. The weather these past couple weeks wasn’t all that cheerful indeed.

When you say you cannot “connect to Rock” are you talking about the Web UI or your Roon remotes? If you mean the web UI, do you use the IP to connect? If so check the IP address, it may have changed when rebooting, this has happened to me a few times.

Also, when the power came back did your network start up on its own or did you do a controlled start-up? If some components started on their own there may be some addressing issues (sometimes happens when a device down steam from the modem starts and asks for an IP address before the modem is fully booted) . It may help to reboot your entire network, shut it all down and do a controlled start-up. Starting with the ISP connection (modem) and working your way out to the devices on the network, making sure to allow enough time per device that they fully start up (like for the modem waiting till it has fully connected to the internet).

Thank you very much for this advice. After turning off everything and then running a controlled restart, ROCK has reappeared on my network and sounds are back!

Thank you also to Mr Fix It for the offer of help. I have had a couple of problems (nothing serious thankfully) over the past couple of years and this community has always managed to help me out, including Roon staff.

Thanks again everyone, it’s great to have such a helpful and knowledgeable resource that is prepared to offer advice.

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Singapore is a small place with a rather limited group of serious audio enthusiasts…It would be good to have a local group of Roon users catch up sometime.