ROCK not responding to mDNS queries [resolved 1.0.75]

can roon find it and can you get to the web gui the ip?

Sure. Roon finds it and I can accesss the server in finder using the ip address but only using the ip address. Device name does not work. Also ROCK is visible as a bonjour device (pc icon) but inaccessible

I don’t know if this matters or not, but I have my router assign the NUC that ROCK Is running on a static IP address.

I realize this should not make a difference.

Try to restart your router. Stupid things like this often help …

hi @Arie_van_Boxel,
Did a restart of the Airport Extreme… alas :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion though. It was worth a shot

Hi @stevev1 — Thank you for the report and the continued feedback, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following information:

  1. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.

  2. Please provide the details of your network configuration/topology as well as providing further insight into any networking hardware you are implementing. Based on the information provided thus far, I see you are using an Airport Extreme but would like to have a broader understanding of what the chain of communication looks like across your network.


@stevev1: is it pingable?

In terminal:

ping rock


ping rock.local

ugh, this router… it does no local dns and its netbios resolution stinks.

well it’s what I use and likely many others as well …:confused:

Yah, it’s a very popular router. I have one here too, just because so many have it.

Long ago, it was a spectacular router… but Apple got out of that business completely and it’s quite obsolete by today’s standards.

I’m afraid IP is going to be your only solution. I can look into an mDNS based LAN lookup solution, but this is not a trivial thing.

Hi @RBM,

I guess not

There’s your problem – for the reasons @danny laid out.

I use an AEX as well (WiFi is great), but only in bridge modus. All routing is done by my eh… router. :wink:

As a workaround, once connected to the ROCK share by IP-address, drag the folder containing your music (or any other folder) to the sidebar of a Finder window. Your Mac will automatically reconnect to your ROCK server and show the contents when you click it – without having to mess with connecting manually:

@RBM The airport express is set up in bridge mode…

@danny before ROCK the nuc was running roon server on ubuntu 16.04 and I was able to use the device name just fine

yah, i bet it was responding to mDNS

Yes that’s what I’m doing now

In that case, the million dollar question is what is doing your routing then? (Probably the box supplied by your Internet provider).

yes this one…

…and it’s showing the device name

@danny, @RBM I just connected the nuc directly to my wireless modem (see above) and I cannot connect using the device name so the airport extreme is not the issue. ip address works fine

yah, my guess is that your modem isnt doing dns/netbios stuff for you, nor is the airport express.

im looking into mdns for you…