ROCK not seeing Mytech USB DAC, WiFI available?

I have two questions about ROCK.

  1. Isnt’t it supposed to work with most DACs? I have a Mytek Stereo 192, but ROCK does not work on the USB 2 (UAC 2.0) only on USB port 1 (UAC 1.0). Did I make anything wrong?

  2. I’m not seeing any wifi options on the web interface, but I remember someone saying it was going to be supported.

By the way, my rock is a NUC 5i5RYH with 8GB RAM and 240 Sata SSD, but I intend to upgrade to a M.2 + HDD.


It would appear that the Stereo 192 isn’t compatible with the standard USB class 2 implementation used in Linux. This looks like a limitation in the Stereo 192 and the original Manhattan. At this point it’s only going to work as a class 1 device unless the Roon guys add kernel support for it.

@danny, it looks like someone did come up with an ALSA driver for it, but it would have to be rolled into the ROCK kernel:

Since the Mytek 192 and Manhattan I are not compatible withn UAC 2, you need specific drivers.
Unfortunately, drivers for Mytek 192 (which works solo with Manhattan I) are not part of any standard Linux build.

The code for the drivers used to be found here,

EDIT: Andrew already provided all the info, my bad

@AMP and @qdtjni,
Thanks for the answers. I’ll wait and see if Roon folks implement Mytek drivers on ROCK in the future.
Meanwhile I’m about to receive one M2tech Hiface 2, I hope this works with the standard UAC2.