ROCK NUC can’t setup endpoint

Have been using Mac mini and allo usbridge with my Cambridge azur851n.
Just purchased nuci3 installed rock and set according to instructions.
On selecting audio on endpoint (iPad) I see various intel options to enable but no ca851n. I did get it once by refreshing and tried to play album but purple light flashed on and off for a few seconds then disappeared.
Subsequently audio setting still does not show ca851n. Seems strange as the allo and Mac worked well

Do a search. It seems the Cambridge streamers don’t like Linux.

Will Roon make Rock more inclusive drivers? It seems my only option is replace Rock with windows os which defeats the purpose!

I have Rock on a 7i5 Nuc
connected 4TB external HD
SMS 200 and Cambridge 851N
Using the SMS 200 i can play all my hi res FLACS but loose the 851 screens is well known on here.
SMS 200 shows as end point and CXN connected on ROON

Thank you for that Stephen, I was hoping not to have another device in between but will consider all options including using the Nuc back to windows and installing the CA USB 2.0 Driver which they say gives a superior sound.

The last Ca firmware update should have gave you all the drivers

I have a technical problem with Rock, I posted here as do not know where else, I thought someone from Roon would respond??

For support, you should post issues and problems in the Support category, and flag down the support team by typing @support - I’ve moved this thread, and just flagged support for you.

Hello @Daniel_Marsh,

Are you able to set your DAC to USB Audio Class 1.0 in the settings menu? We have had a few users report that changing this setting resolved their issues. Depending on the results of this test, I may have further diagnostics you could run to narrow in on the cause of this issue. Since Cambridge Audio is not a part of our Roon Tested partner program, we do not have their devices in-house to test with. Roon ROCK implements the standard Linux USB Audio stack and works in a plug-and-play fashion with the majority of USB DACs on the market today.


Hi John,
I have changed to usb 1 without success, CA say this:Due to the many configuration options and target hardware, we cannot say that Linux is officially supported by our DACs, but they do use the standard USB Audio Profile - if your system is configured for this profile, setting up the DAC should be relatively simple.
Seems like Rock does not communicate with the CA system?