ROCK NUC compatibility

I have a NUC5i7RYH and was considering installing ROCK OS on it, the roon site says that the NUC5i3XXX & NUC5i5XXX is supported for ROCK OS but the NUC5i7XXX is not listed, is that correct that the NUC5i7 is not supported? i would have thought if the 5th gen i3 & i5 were supported shouldn’t the i7 be as well or is there too much difference or something?

It should work. Do not use NVMe on the 5th generation NUCs, it doesn’t work.

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ill give it a try when i get some time :slight_smile:

My first core was on a 5 i5 NUC and it was perfect. I am pretty sure the only reason the i7 wasn’t on their list was because they never had one in to test it properly. But it should be fine. And I can confirm that not only does NVMe not work but if you do put one in it’ll kill the M.2 slot if you put it in wrong, which I did. However, because it was sold to me as compatible the NUC was replaced by the supplier.

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My first Rock installation was on the NUC5i7RYH.
No problem whatsoever. I eventually installed this into a Asaka Plato fanless case.
19 months ago I moved this on to my son’s friend who still uses it without any issues. He upsamples PCM to DSD512 for his T&A DSD8 dac.
I now use a Gigabyte Brix i7 (4core desktop class cpu) for Roon + Hqplayer.


thanks for the info, didn’t even know you could get after market cases for nucs. Im gonna have to invest in the akasa plato as mine is so loud at times thanks so much :slight_smile:

Really like the brix line.

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Hello folks; a friend recommended trying the Roon Rock. I have this NUC:

Is this Nuc compatible with RR?

Models supported:

  • NUC5i3XXX
  • NUC5i5XXX
  • NUC6i3XXX
  • NUC6i5XXX
  • NUC7i3XXX
  • NUC7i5XXX
  • NUC7i7XXX

Easy enough to install Rock and see if it works. I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

It will probably work, but it’s not supported by Roon Labs because of these reasons:

Do you run WIN10 on this machine? If so, just use the WIN10 version of Roon.

I’ve run Roon on both OSs and there is no discernible difference, SQ-wise.

Of course, as usual, there will be controversy about that.

I do have Win 10 64, pro installed and its a beast. I was thinking about just running Roon Bridge and trying this first, but I’d like to run headless for clean install/look. I like the idea of hands off about the Roon Rock.

My Roon Core is running on a totally different machine across the (wired) network; I am not planning on moving the core.


RoonBridge runs headless. I run RoonBridge, headless, under WIN10 on a Minix Atom.

ROCK as an endpoint, while completely possible, is a bit of an overkill, IMHO.

FWIW, in case ROCK won’t run.

@xxx (fish guts? hilarious…are you not a fan of sushi? :slight_smile:

So do you occasionally connect a display to the Minix Atom or can you remote in from some other means?
This NUC would only be running Roon Bridge.

Yeah, it’s a long story about the avatar name.:slightly_smiling_face:

I use iOS tablets for Remotes. Can’t remember the last time I attended to, in any manner, the Minix.

Of course, you could always Remote from the Core machine, if it’s running the full Roon package and not just Server.

i do have a very modern iPad; What exact app is that where i can remote login/ctrl a PC?

To control Roon, load Roon Remote onto your iPad.

If you want to control entire PC from an iOS device, I use Jump Desktop.

You can use both, of course.

Any tips on getting Roon Bridge to auto start in windows ten? I have this flash nuc and it works great with Roon core ( on other machine) but only after I manually startup Roon Bridge on this nuc endpoint.

I eventually want to remove the monitor and just use the nuc as bridge.
I have tried reboots to see if bridge fires up on restarts but no dice

The Knowledge Base is your friend. See this article on headless servers.