Rock NUC – Replacing Internal Hard Drive – Help Needed

I’m planning to replace my NUC’s internal HDD with a SSD.

  • I formatted the SSD with Ext4 filesystem using my Synology NAS

  • Then I created a Data folder in the SSD

  • I copied the content of the Data folder located in the internal HDD to the new SSD
    This is the folder structure I copied:

    • MachineSettings
    • RAATServer
    • RoonGoer
    • RoonOS
    • RoonServer
    • Storage
    • README.txt
  • I now intend to shut down the NUC and simply swap the drives

Is this OK?
Or am I missing something???

Thank you for your help :grinning:


I wouldnt do it that way.
Do a roon backup on old.
Install roon.
Install backup on new.

I wanted to avoid the whole reinstall thing.
Maybe you’re right and I should follow the backup/reinstall path.

That’s the supported way I think.