ROCK NUC Sleep / Wake-on-LAN

I have a Nuc running Rock. I’d like to leave it on 24x7. But when the nuc is just idling the fan gets pretty loud cycling fast and slow. Is there an option to put it to sleep when not in use and wake it when I open Roon on my IOS device?


Unless you’ve changed the power settings, support for Wake-on-Lan exists on the NUC. So shut down with the web interface (or press the front button), and send a WOL packet to wake it up. Unfortunately, Roon itself will not send such a packet, but there are a number of third party apps which will do so.

Got it. You’d think Roon would make such a feature.

It’s been a request for a long time, but it’s not going to happen.

There’s a relevant comment here

Mocha WOL as an iOS app works for me great.

I wonder why your fan speeds are changing when it’s sitting idle?
I have the NUC8i3BEH (with the latest BIOS) with the fans set to “Quiet Mode”. I don’t hear any fan noise what so ever. It’s basically silent.

Assuming you don’t have ROCK set to constantly scan you library, or in a warm area it shouldn’t be doing anything to cause the fans to spin up. At least, not in my experience. I’ve measured mine and when idle it draws just 4 watts AC.

I have mine set to “Performance”. I’ll try the quiet mode.

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Has anyone managed to Wireless Wake the ROCK on WiFi?

It is not Wake On Lan, and it’s not about waking with a wireless device, it really is waking from Sleep wirelessly.

I use the WAKE ON COMMAND app on the Mac and WOL on the iPhone and iPad. Hope that’s helpful.

Is your NUC connected via Ethernet LAN or pure Wireless? I’m asking about a wireless NUC Wake Up call. So, not if the device, that’s making the call, is wireless, but the NUC is wireless.

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Yes, sorry, mine is on ethernet. When I first set up, and my router is ~50 ft away, I ran an ethernet cable from the a gigabit ethernet switch to the router. The NUC, Aries G2, etc are wired to that switch.

No Problem! The Names are very confusing…Wake on Wireless LAN… Wake on LAN wirelessly… :smiley:

If you take a look at the page from Intel that I linked, it looks like being possible. But I think it has something to do with the operating System, as the Bios itself will not open a WiFi connection. I think.

I’ve made a small Android App to Power ON (wake on Lan) and Power OFF Roon Rock. Works with Nucleus too. Will upload it in a few days.

I have an app, too. I can even turn it on via a remote control over my arduino. That’s not the problem.
Sorry, but please confirm, that the Roon ROCK (on an Intel NUC) that is to be turned on and off has no wired Internet connection (LAN) but only WirelessLAN/WiFi connection. Because that’s what’s being asked.

I haven’t tested it with a Nuc (Rock) connected through wifi. Guess I didn’t read the thread properly.
My bad.