ROCK/NUC support for UPS?

I am putting an Uninteruptable Power Supply on some of the small devices I have in my “network corner”, including the ROCK. The UPS has a possibility to signal to a computer that now it is time to shut down in a controlled way.

This, of course, works only if the computer is aware of what to do in the event - and is listening to this potential signal from the UPS (through USB).

My ROCK runs on an Intel NUC 11 - will it be able to handle this UPS functionality?

The purpose is not to listen to music during a power-out - it is simply to protect the different devices from being ruined by power spikes or uncontrolled shut-downs that may ruin the setup, or even the complete SSD, if unfortunate.

I cant answer the NUC question but do you use a NAS for media storage?

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Yes, I do - I will get its own UPS :slight_smile: And that one should be able to react on the UPS signal.

The reason I ask is your NUC isnt important in this scenario. Your NAS contains the content and the precious Roon database backup (ideally).

If your NUC developed an issue due to power failure you can easily wipe it and restore.

Raid does not like unexpected power cuts for reasons I will spare you but your NUC is very unlikely to cause you an issue due to loss of power.

I would connect the NAS to the USB that initiates shutdown in the event the battery dies before the power is back and just allow the NUC to turn off if the UPS battery dies.

Plug both into the UPS, just saying the NAS should have the USB and its not worth buying a second UPS for a NUC in order to get another USB.

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Roon OS does not have the hooks necessary to respond to a UPS saying that a shutdown is necessary - so if you get a power failure, you will need to shut down a Roon OS device manually before the UPS battery goes flat…

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Thanks. I am adding 2 x UPS for other reasons, not because of running Roon, and I just decided to use one of the spare power outlets from one of the UPS for the ROCK, since they are placed exactly next to each other - and then it was obvious to consider if the USB cable from the UPS would make sense for the ROCK/NUC.

We have, unfortunately, power-outs several times during a year. Some are planned, others not. They typically last only for about an hour, then power is shortly back, again interrupted for 10 minutes, then back again (this pattern obviously because the repair man is temporarily switching to a different power source, and later back again).

As I am now beginning to use the NAS for my work from home, it cannot be allowed to break down, so I must protect it - and with it, various other equipment. The NUC is just lucky to sit on the same shelf :slight_smile:

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I have a UPS in my enclosed Rack/Cabinet for the NUC, modem, router and cable box. It will keep those low power devices running for 3 to 4 hours if I need to unplug the cabinet to work on something. My wife still has internet, music and/or TV while I tinker with the system. Keeps me out of trouble.

It is a good idea to have the NUC on a UPS system to avoid potential problems caused by power outages, even if you have to shut things down gracefully for longer outages.

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Or amend the shutdown script on the NAS to tell the NUC (ROCK) to shutdown.


Clever thinking! I’ll put that on the list of improvements to do on my network.

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