Rock (NUC) Vs. windows 10 pc

Currently I run Roon server, out of a fully dedicated laptop (SurfacePro4) running Windows 10. I have stripped down anything software wise, I could think that is not needed by Roon server. Also, I turned off wifi / bluetooth from UEFI. As a last step I used Fidelizer 8.7 in order to further tune it for music streaming.
My main concern is that since the specific laptop does not have an ethernet port, I connect it to ethernet via a usb to ethernet adaptor. I control the laptop via Remote Console.
Lately I started considering building an Intel NUC for Roon Rock.
Should I expect in your opinion / experience any SQ change by moving from my current laptop to a Rock NUC?


Sounds like a waste of a surface pro to use it just for Roon, the downside to ROCK is you can’t put anything else on the NUC. I installed linux on my NUC and also run Plex and LMS alongside Roon.


It would be a waste, if its screen was not shuttered! So, I found some use for it…!

I found running ROCK on a NUC overall more stable than running it on Win 10. Fewer occasional dropouts and no worries about Windows updates. But heard no difference from an SQ standpoint.