ROCK + NUC8 firmware woes

When are you releasing an update of Roon OS to be compatible with current bios and NUCs?
I am using a NUC8I5BEK for some time now and updated to latest firmware (90) today. But with this BIOS version Roon doesn’t boot anymore. So had to do a BIOS recovery back to 89 to get it working again.

It’s time to release an update of the OS platform don’t you think?

Does this firmware only support UEFI?

If so, the latest build of ROCK supports UEFI – you will need to reinstall ROCK as UEFI and legacy boot requires changes to your disk layout.

Legacy support is still present, but Roon OS doesn’t boot with bios 90.

any hints as to what’s going on? anything on the HDMI?

No just I message there is no boot disk

So what I could try is to enable UEFI in Bios, disable legacy and do a reinstall of Rock and a restore from backup to enable everything again?
I thought Roon OS wasn’t compatible with UEFI at this moment?

A new version was released in the last week or so with UEFI support.

Oké I wasn’t aware. Will try to update and check if version 90 bios is working with UEFI

Correct. That would most likely fix your issue.

When I do a reinstall of the OS it says 1.0 (254) is this current version for UEFI?
Or is the right OS version only installed with a full reinstall of ROCK?

I confirm.
Smoothly updated ROCK to build to 254, but after BIOS update NUC didn’t boot.
I had to enable UEFI boot in BIOS (left legacy boot enabled either) and install ROCK from scratch.

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Correct – legacy boot ROCK will update to 254, but we no longer provide installers for legacy boot. It just makes things too confusing, especially for new users.

I do understand, but it is also really confusing / frustrating if ROCK doesn’t boot anymore after a bios update

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And I can confirm with latest clean ROCK install from USB it is working with latest bios and UEFI.
Only thing I had to disable is secure boot.

Looking forward to enjoy ROCK with current bios :slight_smile:

Up and running again from backup. So happy with latest update and UEFI support.
Thank you.


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