Rock/Nucleus: Wake on LAN

Would be nice :grinning:

Or some kind of “low power mode” when not actively streaming?

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It’s 8 W.
How much lower do you want?

I think it should be under 6 watts in European countries.

I think I’m right in saying that the Nucleus doesn’t provide a ‘standby’ function?
It’s either ‘on’, or ‘off’. And when it’s ‘on’ it only consume 8W (Nucleus+ 10W).

In my case its greater than the 8W quoted. As Rock is up 24/7 then so is my NAS and all 5 spinning HDD’s. If rock went to sleep then would these drives.

There may be a way to set your NAS/HDD’s to go to ‘sleep’ after an idle period.
I have a 3TB Toshiba Canvio desktop HDD attached to the Nucleus via USB 3.0, and although the Nucleus is ‘on’ constantly, the HDD powers down after about 30 minutes of non-use.
Perhaps you need to look at your drives, to try and save power?

This used to be the case but since roon it stays up. I know Roon tracks folders for updates so I’m assuming this is why the drives stay up 24/7. I would like roon to sleep after a period of inactivity for power savings on my nas and wake when a remote client is used.

My Intel NUC i5 8. gen uses only 2.9 watt when serving without any DSP applied. So for ne no need for sleep mode.


The NUC is efficient, great. We know that now, but what about the storage medium its connected to?

A 14 TB Ironwolf is something like 8W at worst - rSync to your NAS once in a while for redundancy.

That’s my point, that’s 1 drive not 2,4,6 etc. Multiple times the usage of the NUC alone and unnecessary wear on drives sat being “looked” at.

Even if a NUC used 1 watt it is still worth implementing at some point down the line after greater projects are completed.

I of course agree with you, but also with what has been said before - the problem isn’t necessarily ROCK, it’s more that RAID is inadequate in a home setting, and that unless it’s a converged appliance, storing your music on a NAS and playing it back from there is wasteful. No one needs 5 or 10 3,5" drives spun up to get a couple of MBps’ worth of data when a single, directly connected 2,5" would do a much better job at it (because no latency). This isn’t something that RoonLabs can, or should be tasked with, fixing IMO (although it’d be nice if they helped, of course).

Is that “as measured”? My NUC i5 7 gen uses 8W. It contains an M.2 NVMe and a 2.5" SATA SSD.

My media has to stay on my NAS as its a central location for other software and clients. This is what a NAS is for, always on and redundancy.

My NAS is more than adequate and will shutdown when not in use all on its own. Its Roons fault for looking in the files 24/7. The NAS wont shut down when in use and that’s what it should do.

It would be down to Roon to incorporate a sleep feature. For example Plex media server doesn’t constantly look at the files when not in use and the NAS sleeps and the disks all spin down. Roon could do something similar too.

To make this clear, this isn’t the end of the world, I want mobile streaming and other things way before a sleep function. Just making a case that its Roon and not a NAS problem (Drobo, Qnap, synology etc).

Yes it is as measured, at 230 volt. I think huge improvements has happen in this 8. generation.

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IIRC, but I haven’t run Plex otherwise than with a Docker for the years, PMS does spin everything up it isn’t running on the NAS - that’s why I talked of converged appliances. The time it takes for Plex to do a library scan over the network is also exponentially more than if you have something that’s oomphy enough to run it locally… the sleep thing is probably part of the reason @danny voiced distaste at using a NAS for storage.

FWIW, I have my core running on an unRaid box, with all the music on one drive only, precisely to avoid the “let’s spin everything up all the time” issue (but still enjoy parity and not having to buy a NUC).

There might be a way to do this with Drobo, I’m not certain about the others, because it implies not having files all over the drives, so it’s a filesystem-level type of issue: you want drives that are individually formatted.

Do also keep in mind that constant spin ups / spin downs aren’t necessarily a good thing, and I’m not certain the latency is necessarily predictable.

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I have my music locally attached to ROCK and do a sync once a day from that drive to NAS which is controlled by the NAS so files are available for everything else not just Roon. This is one way it won’t by constantly accessing your raid. Personally though my raid is active all the time with other duties and software so it never gets time to sleep.