ROCK Occasionally Needs a Reboot

This has happened twice, and I can’t manually reproduce the problem. It’s a new install on a NUC 7i5, using HDMI. I start up the Roon client, it connects to the ROCK fine, and play a song. The client appears to play fine, but no output leaves the HDMI port. The DAC (McIntosh MX121) shows nothing arriving. I’ve tried rebooting the DAC, restarting the Roon client, restarting the Roon Server from the browser, rebooting the ROCK from the browser, and re-plugging the HDMI cable. The ONLY thing that works is to manually reboot the NUC with its power button. Then I can do all of the above things and nothing causes the HDMI to fail.

It’s a completely random thing. A few hours of not listening, then start the client, and no HDMI. A power cycle from the NUC power button is the only solution. I’m using the Roon HDMI 0 port, Private Zone off, Use Device Controls, 0s Resync Delay, External Volume Control None, 100ms Buffer, Max Sample Rate Disabled, Max Bits Per Sample Disabled, Convert to PCM, and 7.1 Channel Layout.

The only thing I didn’t try while the HDMI is seized up is changing the 7.1 layout to 2.0 and Saving. Next time it seizes up I’ll try that. There are three other HDMI devices connected to the McIntosh and none of those have this issue, so I don’t think it’s the McIntosh.

The other thing I could try is enabling the other two HDMI in the Roon Core devices and toggling between them. The next time this happens I’ll repost here.

Thank you!

next time you are in this situation, can you PM me? i need to look at your alsa devices when this is happening.

Hi Danny

I’ve been ‘looking forward’ to it happening again (just kidding …) but, no, it’s been perfectly reliable every day! Happened twice in the first three or four days of installing, and nothing since. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for a great product.