ROCK on a NUC, can it be used for other purposes

If I install ROCK on my NUC 10, can I use my NUC also for other purposes like internet email games etc.?

No. That’s the point with a NUC running ROCK - dedicated Roon server appliance, not being used for anything else.

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You can, but then you install Windows on the NUC and exclude ROCK and just install Roon Core on the Windows OS instead.

That’s a very different proposition - the original ask was, if I install ROCK - not Windows!

With Windows, or non-ROCK Linux, you take responsibility for the operating system and its maintenance yourself.

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Yes, as paperweight. :slight_smile:

Or… install a virtual env like Proxmox/vmware and run Rock in a VM

As the subject describes the question then the answer is NO … RTFM on ROCK its pretty explicit.

Just keep in mind that is not an officially supported installation and is considered Tinkering. ROCK is meant, and only tested for, the environment of running it bare metal on the specifically listed hardware.

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Right, Sir!

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