ROCK on Intel NUC, Is thunderbolt, usb 3.1 Enabled?

I have a large Music Library and Roon Server on a Synology NAS with 10GBe. I am thinking of keeping the large library ±10 Tb on the NAS, sending the music files to ROCK. Does Roon OS enable advanced I/O like Thunderbolt, 10+Gbe, or USB 3.1 for external storage input to supported Intel NUC’s?

I am also considering using the NAS only as a backup and attaching two external SSD ~12 Tb directly to the NUC for music files.


I do not think Thunderbolt has been enabled in RoonOS.

You may need the physical capacity but you don’t need the performance of those interfaces in your opening post. You are playing music files, maybe two or three endpoints at any given time. Plain USB 3 is fine, and if you want RAID, then USB connected is probably a better fit than NAS.