ROCK on internal 2.5" SSD

Hi, is it possible to install ROCK on an internal 2.5" SSD instead of an M2 SSD? Are there any disadvantages?


My ROCK set up is ‘backwards’. The operating system is on a small capacity 2.5” SSD and the storage is on a 1tb M2 SSD. Everything was fine and the M2 was immediately recognised and formatted as storage.

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So, no problems during ROCK’s installation on the 2.5" SSD? Was it recognized without any issue?

I have an Intel NUC (the BEH type that allows M2 and SSD) and have Rock installed on a 2.5"SSD with no problems.

I’ll try this configuration.

Yes, it will work great.

No disadvantages at all.

On my NUC5i3 it is a 2.5” m.SATA SSD as a ROCK only server, as content is on a NAS.
On these NUC units, I don’t believe there was any benefit of a PCIe SSD as the I/O is the same at 6GB/s

Hi - I bought the NUC8i7BEH a little over 3 months ago and the ROCK recommended M.2 SSD is no longer being recognized in the BIOS after I requested a reboot of ROCK (I bought the 512gb version) … after the reboot request it never came back online. I just recently bought the 128gb M.2 SSD version to see if the other M.2 SSD went bad, and its not being recognized either in the BIOS. I’m trying to figure out how to “save” the NUC so I’m not wasting it to continue using it as my ROCK. I am probably out of warranty (haven’t checked yet), but I was thinking if there was a way of using the USB-C thunderbolt port or the internal SSD to store the ROCK OS and just bypass the M.2 SSD altogether (since the BIOS refuses to recognize it anymore). I now have 2 M.2 SSDs without a use … looking at this thread, it sounds like I can use the internal 2.5” SSD to install ROCK and continue using it. Is there a recommended cheap/good 2.5” SSD that I can try to see if I can salvage my unit? I’m so disappointed I only got 3 months use out of my NUC for ROCK … I have wasted endless hours in trying to fix it, which is frustrating beyond belief. Thanks for any help/assistance!

I have same configuration for about 4 months and works flawlessly.
If I get it right, none of your SSD’s are recognized?
I’m no expert but I don’t see why another hdd would be a solution.
You should ask for « IT » support
Hope you ll find a solution

None of my two M.2 SSDs are being recognized in the BIOS (the original 512gb and the newly bought 128gb version). I have never put anything in the 2.5” SSD drive bay, so that is available as an alternative solution to my NUC issue.

Ah ok got it…may be look for a 2,5 case adaptator before buying new hdd and try your 2,5 bay.
I know 3,5 exists, look on amazon and watch out for case height or futur 2,5 hdd as i m not sure they all feet in the nuc bay.

If I choose the 2.5” SSD route, I found 2 on Amazon that look like they will fit in the NUC8i7BEH: PNY CS900 250GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - (SSD7CS900-250-Rb) for $29.99, and Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E250B/AM) for $49.99

Can nobody here figure out how to get your BIOS to recognize the M.2 SSD?

I don’t know what else to try. I have this other open thread: NUC failed to reboot

I have re-seated the M.2 SSD multiple times, then ordered a new one and that also won’t recognize after re-seating it multiple times. The NUC was fine until I issued a Reboot command to ROCK…it never came back online after that. I can get to the BIOS no problem … it sees my 16gb RAM, etc. … it just won’t recognize the M.2 SSD. I don’t think installing another OS would do anything to help recognize it? Seems fundamental to the hardware that the BIOS should recognize it without any OS being installed (unless I’m wrong on this point). So the only other thing I can think of trying is to use the 2.5” SSD drive bay for ROCK (I already store my music on an external USB drive).

So, maybe your idea of a 2.5 SSD is a good one. You should be able to return it if it doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you all for the comments and help. Nice to confirm that the 2.5” SSD drive is a working secondary option for ROCK compared to the M.2 SSD slot. The past few days I’ve been working with Intel Support and they are going to RMA my unit after going through several troubleshooting steps, all of which continuing to fail to recognize either of my two M.2 SSDs (and I just don’t have the energy to order and try out the 2.5” SSD drive). Must be a hardware failure, unfortunately. I only got 3 months use out of this unit…hopefully this second one I get gives me no more issues for several years so that I can just continue to enjoy my music which is all I wanna do with Roon and this project. I miss it … been using Plex and Sonos as my backup solution in the meantime. Getting more use out of my SiriusXM subscription though! I actually really enjoy their channels…would be nice to have that integrated in Roon Radio so I don’t have to jump separately to Sonos to stream it.

RMA complete due to hardware failure and the new NUC is working with Roon again! Using the original M.2 SSD I had in the old unit, and it recognized it immediately upon boot. I am back in business with using Roon again (I missed it). I was surprised at how little reconfiguration I had to do - just putting in the original M.2 SSD made it work as it was before!


I just got my NUC10i7FNH configured and my hangup was getting it to see my 2.5" SSD as a boot option, like many others have reported as being a problem. After doing all the other things per the installation guide (Legacy Boot, etc.), the trick that eventually allowed me to proceed was turning off Secure Boot in the Boot section of the BIOS, which on mine is the Aptio-V BIOS. Other issues were minor and easier to figure out.


Thank you sir for your post.
Im in the same situation, as my nuc had a SSD 2.5 and I installed rock into it. Now I just bought a SSD M2 PCI, and I was searching if I should do something if it BEFORE docking into the nuc.
Did you first formatted your M2 disk in linux , or you just placed the new disk and Roon recognized it?


I just put it straight in as far as I can remember, but it’s quite a while ago now.

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