ROCK on Mac Mini quad i3

Is it possible to install Nucleus ROCK in a newest quad i3 (8th gen.) 3.6Ghz Mac Mini?

Hi @Joao_Lins,

Roon’s Nucleus is a hardware device … (it’s effectively a custom built fan-less NUC, with an optimised OS to run Roon server).

If you mean ROCK that’s only supported on specified Intel NUC devices.

So for a Mac Mini, that’s leaves you with installing Roon Server for OSX.

Hope that helps, but if not maybe an Apple user can add further clarification.

Hi, Carl. You’re right, I meant ROCK, not Nucleus. As a Mac Mini 2018 uses an Intel processor, I thought about installing ROCK on it.

What about an audio oriented Linux?

Sure, that would be possible, but imo you would be complicating things for unknown reasons.
I realize you probably would want to repurpose a MacMini already in your posession?
One reason why it is not good for ROCK - It only does UEFI boot, ROCK cannot…
But a pure Roon Server on a Mac OS X, headless, also works very well.

But if you want the appliance-style of ROCK, get yourself a supported NUC, they are not very expensive and used samples are abundant.

No worries, I’ve updated title and body text to reflect.

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Thanks, Carl. :pray:

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