ROCK on MacMini M1

The new barebone M1 MacMini with 8GB memory and 256GB SSD sells for $700. This is fanless so the price is competitive with a similar spec NUC in a fanless case. Will ROCK work properly with M1 Mini? If not now, can you develop the next ROCK to make this possible? Considering it is Unix-based, I suppose it’s probably not too difficult.

You sure it’s fanless? I have the 8GB/512GB model and there is a fan.

You’re right. I was just quoting from someone who posted on fb group. It’s still said to be very quiet.

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The fan certainly is quiet, I can’t hear mine at all - in fact I too thought it was fanless until I read that there was one. I don’t use Roon on mine, but my expectation would be that it should run superbly well under OS X as is.

You cannot install ROCK on a Mac.

Yes, it seems so for now, but I was wondering if Roon team may try to make it work. I paid more than $700 for my i5 NUC in Akasa Newton a few years ago, so this could be a feasible future upgrade if they can make it work.

ROCK requires Legacy Boot to install.

The Mac system architecture is UEFI, which is incapable of installing ROCK.

Why install another os on a system optimised for its own OS. Just seems daft. Like trying to instal Android on an iPhone or vice versa. Mac’s are not designed for other operating systems and these are more closed architecture than the intel Mac’s.


Which I suspect is precisely Apple’s intention.

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This could be helpfull in eliminating distortion both from thee fan and the smps.