ROCK on my i3 10th gen NUC (i3nuc10FNK) suddenly stopped seeing my Roon back up folder

For about 1 year I have been using an ADATA 240 GB USB 3 ssd, divided into 2 partitions 1) a 60 gb partition called Roon Backup and another 2) 180GB called Adata SD600Q which I use mainly for storing older HQP versions, Ubuntu kernels from Jussi etc.

This SSD previously was connected to my music server which had Roon core and HQP running ubuntu 22.04. For over 10 months I had zero issues with this set up and backing up my roons database every 4 days. In mid-December I moved my Roon core over to the above mentioned NUC with ROCK software. Everything was going good there as well. Now suddenly my roon remotes cannot see the Roon backup folder, it can see the Adata SD600Q folder I use for other storage, but no matter what I try; rebooting the NUC, plugging and unplugging the SSD, trying another USB port on the NUC the ROCK nuc will no longer see the Roon backup folder located there.

When I plug this SSD into my HQP ubuntu PC it has no issues seeing both folders (roon bu & Adata SD600) same with my windows laptop easily can see both folders. Why would ROCK suddenly stop seeing my Roon Backup folder, but still see the other folder located on it?

I attached a screenshot taking from my win laptop showing the file structure of this Adata SSD.