ROCK on NUC 7i3BNH - is an internal hard disk supposed to spin down?

I have been running ROCK on this NUC using a m.2 drive for ROCK with and external 1Tb USB hard drive for local music (around 8000 files). It is responsive, quite and has no trouble communicating with four endpoints. Against my better judgement, I decided to replace the external drive with an internal 1Tb HDD which I had changed out of a laptop running Linux. The change over went smoothly by following the advice on this forum (including reformatting the HDD using the ROCK web interphase). However, now when playing Roon the NUC is very loud with the blower/fan working hard. It appears that the internal HDD is constantly spinning even when ROON has not been in use for some time. Is the HDD supposed to spin down? The USB external drive did spin down. The NUC feels a bit too warm to the touch.

I have reset the HDD in the NUC and rebooted several times. Depending on advice from the forum, I think I will revert back to the USB external drive setup.

Did Roon finish the initial scan, add the files to the library and Background Audio Analysis? Usually, these activities require intense processing, which leads to the fan starting.

Yes - all initialising processes completed as expected. I have been using this setup for a couple of days - Roon operates no differently - but the NUC is working a lot harder causing the fan to run constantly.

You might check the NUC BIOS and see if you can setup a HDD spin down under power settings. This, will, of course cause a pause when starting up again.

Where did you previously make database backups to?

To avoid fan noise, you should use a fanless chassis. Some drives can have spin down behavior configured using a special utility on Windows. However, I don’t recommend that.

A decade ago, a particular brand of Green drives aggressively performed standby causing widespread premature failures (although the harm was probably more about head parking than spinning down).

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Thanks all - I have reverted back to the USB external drive setup. NUC is running silently - fan not required.