ROCK on NUC Appears Very Stable

I just connected to my ROCK NUC to power it down so I can install an SSD to move my Local music to from my QNAP NAS.

It had been up and running non stop since I built it and without a single hitch 166 days!


Same experience here with this setup, no problems so far, very stable. For more than a year, never had to restart because of a problem! Thumbs up to the developers…:+1:t2:

Installed new SSD and powered up, new drive found and successfully formatted, and got a notification that there was an update for ROCK, so have installed that also and now it is back up and running sweetly.

Just could not be simpler!

Thanks Roon.

What type of notification did you receive concerning the Rock Update? Wondering if it shows up on the remote screen somewhere or the configuration screen.

It popped up a little window when I launched the Roon control app on my PC…

I believe updates are only offered for ROCK if it is restarted…

You shouldn’t have to restart the core to see the update notification.

You can also periodically check Settings > About to see what version you’re running and click Install if there is one available.

If you frequent this forum, Mike will post software updates when they’re available too.

Cheers, Greg

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Settings > About… Oh yes I see that now, did not know about that, thank you.

Same here ….

RAM : 2x HyperX Impact 8GB DDR4 2400MHz
SSD (ROCK) : Intel 660p 512Gb / M.2 80mm
SSD (Data) : Samsung 1TB 860 EVO PRO SATA3

Working flawless every day and again. Simple Comme Bonjour…

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Just finished setting up ROCK on a Gen 8 i3.
For a non-tech guy it felt like a bit of a marathon, but thanks to the Room Community I made it!
I was going to ask ‘do people leave their NUCs running all the time or power down each day/occasionally’?
But sounds like a few of us just leave them on 24/7, which is what I was planning on doing (and what I do with the rest of my set up).
Anyone have conflicting advice?


Mine stays on 24/7 computers more often than not go wrong when constantly switched on and off. Things are more likely to fail when powering on, IMHO.

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Your Nuc consumes 4W of power at idle. It is designed to work like an appliance.
There is no good reason to turn it off.
Congratulations on doing this for yourself!


One thing I noticed, on the left hand side of the front of the NUC there is an orange light that comes on every few seconds.
Is that signifying a ‘ping’ from ROCK to the network/cloud?
It wasn’t happening when the NUC was on originally, but started once ROCK was fully set up…

It’s the disk activity indicator. Nothing to worry about.

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