ROCK on NUC10 networking isn't working [unsupported at the time]

Intel NUC10i5FNK2

After installing ROCK on this new NUC, I just end up with this.

ROCK Network Error

Saw another thread about this issue but no solution.

Just want to bring awareness of this… might try install ubuntu and run Roon Core on that instead for now.

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04, and then Roon Server on that, which seems to work fine. Using same cables so there’s no wrong with them or the Switch.

this NUC is not supported.

I know it’s officially not supported. I am just curious if there’s any workaround.
I assume the support for 10th gen NUC’s will come at some point… for now I’ll have to run Roon Server through Ubuntu I guess…

not yet… it can’t find your ethernet board… Intel changed something on that board, and it’s my understanding that this requires a driver version that hasn’t landed in the Linux mainline yet.

You could try a USB / Ethernet dongle. There are some who have reported getting their NUC10 working with them. Not sure of the actual part make and number, but, if you search the forums you might find the thread.

please report back on what was involved since others will surely be in this situation

I don’t have a USB ethernet card handy, sorry. I think I’ll wait for when there’s official support added or something. For now I am running using Ubuntu and that seems to work well.

It isn’t a card. It’s a dongle.
At this price, no need to wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I might pick one up and see if it works :wink:

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