ROCK on nuc10i3 (noise)

I installed Rock on my nuc10i3. The system is making a lot of noise when I am using Roon. Before I installed linux server en roon on top of it and I did never had any problems. Also I can not connect to my android box because it keeps disconecting and the fan noice is getting worse.

When I do not use Roon the system keeps make a lot of noise. Very strange.

I am using internal storage device to play music library when I turn that on the noise starts. How to fix this?

I think it is caused by background analysis files.

Is that fan noise? If so, you might shut down and disconnect your NUC and then check if its fan assembly is packed with dust, a very common issue. If so, clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Poor internal ventilation can also lead to overheating and processor throttling, which may explain why it disconnects.

Alternatively, you may try to set background audio analysis speed to “Throttled” in Settings>Library to see if that makes a difference.

I turned off the audio analysis and then no fan noice

That seems to indicate that the NUC is getting hot and switching the fan to run fast, which could be from dust as I suggested, or some other reason. You could test this by switching audio analysis on first to throttled, then 1 core, … and check the differences in fan noise.

I went through this with a previous NUC.
When I purchased my new one I bought an Akasa fanless case, much better and I have never heard anything but the music since.

You can change the fan and throttling options in the BIOS to help you, but it needs to cool down and Audio analysis is heavy duty

If it is a new install it might be going through audio analysis. Try turning audio analysis to off and then set it to on demand. Does the sound go away?

yes it is a fresh install. I think when I use throttled the noise goes away. I am testing it. As soon I use 1 core (fast) noise comes back.

Once the analysis is complete it will go away, at least until you add more music. But usually it will be done in 30 seconds or so