ROCK on NUC12WSHi7 stops working every 3-4 hours

Roon Core Machine

CPU - Core I7 1260p
RAM - 32 GB DDR4 3200 ( G.SKILL Ripjaws, F4-3200C22D-32GRS)
OS SSD - Transcend 512GB SATA III 6GB/S MTS430S 42 mm M.2 SSD 430S
Library SSD - Crucial P3 Plus 4TB PCIe Gen4 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router - ASUS AX5700 (RT-AX86U)
NUC is connected directly via a 3ft CAT7 cable directly to a 2.5Gbe port

Connected Audio Devices

My ROCK server is not connected to audio devices directly.

Number of Tracks in Library

5530 tracks

Description of Issue

My ROCK server becomes inaccessible every 3-4 hours neither via the local network nor the internet (ARC).
Sometimes I can still access ROCK via SMB, but neither my Windows thin client nor ARC can see the Roon Core.
NUC itself is up.
I don’t think it is an overheating issue since I have had this NUC12 for less than a month and it is placed in a well-ventilated area. Plus, Roon Core usually disappears when it is idle.
I uploaded my Raat and Roon server logs to the Logs Upload Server.

It just stopped working once again:

I forgot to mention that my Roon Remote and Core are on the latest version (2.0 build 1193):

The only solution I found is a hard reset of my NUC12.

I didn’t think that NUC12 was supported by Roon. Only up to NUC10 I think

@shankha , ROCK is compatible with up to NUC12 models :slight_smile:
Please, see this KB article -

Full list of supported NUC models:

  1. NUC5i3xxx
  2. NUC5i5xxx
  3. NUC6i3SYx
  4. NUC6i5SYx
  5. NUC7i3BNx
  6. NUC7i5BNx
  7. NUC7i7BNx
  8. NUC7i3DNx
  9. NUC7i5DNx
  10. NUC7i7DNx
  11. NUC8i3BEx
  12. NUC8i5BEx
  13. NUC8i5BEx
  14. NUC8i7BEx
  15. NUC10i3FNx
  16. NUC10i5FNx
  17. NUC10i7FNx
  18. NUC11TNHi3
  19. NUC11TNHi5
  20. NUC11TNHi7
  21. NUC11PAHi3
  22. NUC11PAHi5
  23. NUC11PAHi7
  24. NUC12WSHi3
  25. NUC12WSHi5
  26. NUC12WSHi7

Wow. I stand corrected. Last year when I was migrating to a NUC it was only NUC10

That was before they released the new RoonOS that now supports UEFI boot so now supports more later NuCs.

Can you connect via the web client to the Rock interface when it looses connection? If so check it out to see the status’s of the Roon server section.

@CrystalGipsy , no, unfortunately, it is not accessible as well:

Plug the hdmi out into a Tv or monitor and see if it gives any errors on the readout when it stops working. I wonder if you have some hardware failure happening.

@CrystalGipsy , thank You for the advice.
I see that there is really some hardware issue.
When Roon Core became unavailable I can see these artifacts on my screen:

It seems a RAM-related problem.
I swapped RAM sticks and I can see similar artifacts, but in different colors:

I will try to replace the RAM and see whether it will resolve the issue.

Replaced G-Skill RAM with 100% functional Crucial sticks from my Alienware M15 R6 and so far no crashed for more than 2 hours. I will continue to monitor how my Roon Core behaves with a new RAM.


I hope that it’s a simple as that and you can get the ram replaced from the supplier you bought it from.

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Good detective work!

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So far 0 failures with healthy RAM sticks for more than 14 hours.
@CrystalGipsy , thank You for Your help!

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Your welcome.


Thank You! @CrystalGipsy helped a lot with my investigation :slight_smile:

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Just a suggestion. Mark it solved so that non-detectives like me can get a clue when we have a similar problem? Thank you.

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@shankha , thank You! Done :slight_smile:

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