ROCK on Sonic Transporter i5?

Would there be any benefit to flashing my Transporter i5 with ROCK??

I think there’s more risk than reward.

You may not have any support from either Roon or SGC if something goes wrong but Andrew is a nice guy. I’m sure he may help reflash sonicOrbiter if something went wrong with ROCK (ask him first though).

The only advantages I can think of is being able to use all USB ports for USB drives at the same time and better support of HDMI audio output (if it works).

Both are headless in use, so same same in most other things.

There is no risk if you use a spare drive and don’t make changes to the bios unneccesarily. But if the hardware isn’t based on the supported NUC’s you do go from supported hardware and software to something that may stop working at any time.