ROCK on Ubuntu..Can't reach internal storage

Hey all ROONER’S

Last night…I’ve installed Ubuntu to try ROCK…It’s very fast, sound at least as good as original ROCK OS…But…
I’ve taken the internal Ssd drive out if NUC under installation…put it back in when done…Can see the drive in Ubuntu OS…BUT, NOT in ROON settings…so…can anybody give me a hint to fix that issue?

Are you running Ubuntu or ROCK? You can’t run ROCK on another OS. If you’ve installed Roon Server on Ubuntu and need to copy settings from Rock use Roon backup from the settings. If you want to mount an SSD that contains media files please state whether this is a SATA or USB drive and specify the file system format.

Yep .You can…Running ROCK on Ubuntu…Bit complicated to install…but…it’s bit m
faster than normal ROCK OS installation
SSD drive is the normal library for my DSD files…as mentioned…was out to install was finished…then put back in…can see the drive on Ubuntu…Se pic!.. Can’t see it on ROON settings…Very confusing
Solution could be…put another Ssd drive in NUC…Do a new install, format the drive, copy library over network…hope that will do it…but I don’t now

I agree with you, this is very confusing. It’s not clear what you have done other than this is not a standard setup.

If you’re using Ubuntu install the Roon Server binaries as described in the KB. Copy configuration from ROCK to Ubuntu using backup. Finally, install the media drive on the Ubuntu server and make this available to Roon. Then browse to the mount point using Roon Settings > Storage.

What exactly did you do? ROCK is an operating system. While it’s possible to use a VM inside Ubuntu that runs ROCK, it’s not possible to install ROCK on Ubuntu as an app.

Explain what you’ve done and we can suggest what the problem is…

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