Hi I’m thinking of getting the INTEL NUC NUC10I7FNH… To use with rock, I’d add my flac files on a seagate external hard drive… What are your opinions on reliability and performance as I’d use the dsp to up sample to 768khz?
I was useing a nas i built with unraid on its worked great with no problems but I’m restricted to up sampling to 192khz on my oppo udp-205, I’ve recently switched to useing my old msi i7 Ivybridge windows 10 laptop as roonserver but it’s not gone well… It’s lost my files twice after a crash on the laptop and had to reinstall the roonserver on the laptop to get my files re-added again!
Will the nuc be more reliable… I want to get full use out of the USB dac on the oppo udp-205… Rather than the roon ready part of the oppo which is restricted at 192khz.?.. Many thanks in advance.

It should be reliable. But, then again, the laptop should be reliable. If the laptop was crashing then something about it was having errors. What did the windows logs say?

As long as you use an Intel NUC on the approved list you should be fine. And it really will not take an i7 to do PCM upsamping to 768. Unless you have a very large library, you could easily use an i5. And if you do have a large library then RAM is a important as well.

To be honest I’m not too great at reading the windows logs and understanding it.!.. Any tips.?

Well, you can find them in Event Viewer. Look under Windows Logs. Then both Application Log and System Log. It is time coded, so scroll back to the last time it crashed and see if there are any error messages like in the pic below:

Thanks for the info Daniel I’ll check it out.!