Rock or Pi as bridge

What do you think?
Rock Core - Ethernet- Rock-Bridge( nuci3) or Raspberry Pi with BOTW or Sotm - to USB dac…
SQ and futureoroof…?

Thanks for inside…

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I’m pretty happy with rpi as an Ethernet to USB with ropieee build.

A NUC is too heavy duty for bridge duties. I know it works but it is a very expensive way of achieving something a simpler device could very easily do. Even my Odroid C2 could be seen as overkill from a hardware perspective although it is still on a kernel old enough to seriously hold it back. A Pi is not the fastest or most up to date SBC but it has both unrivalled hardware and software support. Both DietPi and Roppieee would be great as software and are well maintained and supported.

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do you have any experience with other options? better psu is compelling for pi.
thanks for youre experience. can you describe your comparisons…
i am looking for a high end solution, not only for a supportet one. each USB-controller, every powecable change the sound…

I don’t play the cables game or so much the power supply games either. Some of mi PI’s run off Diy LMS and some of SMPS or even one off my oppo sonica dac USB port. I don’t have issues with any of the options.

I’m here for the music but I love the diy part of the tech too. I build my own speakers using the designs.

For a high end solution also consider the microRendu or the Sonicorbiter.

It seems many here have the microRendu with the Uptone UltraCap LPS-1 power supply and are very happy. I am one of them. The LPS gave small but noticeable improvements over the basic power supply.

Sotm SMS 200 is also a good option I believe.

There are many good reviews around the internet on these products. Here is one that also discuses power supplies and cables.

If you want a high end solution I presume you are willing to expend the necessary cash. If you are then a Sonore microRendu powered by an Ultracap LPS-1 will give you a pretty much unrivalled result for a little over $1000. You can of course get pretty close for less but it will require some work on your part as suggested above. It depends on how much you want to experiment or if you are happy to go straight to a finished and we’ll reviewed solution.

I prefer NUC running ROCK direct to DAC. I found that it sounds better than using a network streamer, trying both the SOtM sMS-200 and Raspberry Pi

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Nuc/Rock Core plus Nuc/Rock Bridge? or only one nuc for all…

I’ve used a BeagleBone Black and an RPi. I’ve thought the MicroRendu to be overkill. It’s to Nucleus as a Pi is to ROCK, imho.

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Second this. Very well said.

Roon endpoints require very little grunt to run roon bridge or as like urendu have it Pre installed or other built in compatibility. The core is where all the grunt needs to be