ROCK prevents scheduled shutdown

I recently set up ROCK on a NUC with Music on an external drive connected to a Mac that is shared with ROCK on the NUC. One issue i’ve had with this is with the scheduled shutdown of the Mac each night. The shutdown seems to be prevented by the share. I get a message that says …

“There is a users sharing this computer, if you shut down they will be disconnected”

I can manually select the button on this message to shutdown anyway but this defeats the purpose of the scheduled shutdown. Just thought I’d ask if any other users have experienced this and know a way to override the Mac checking to ask this and shutdown without having to manually intervene.

How about connecting the drive to the NUC, and use the share at //rock.local/data?

For your issue, you may need to use launchd (analogous to cron) to shutdown irrespective of what user may be logged in.

Well, ROCK doesn’t really, it’s the Mac that doesn’t shut down when there is access to a shared drive - which makes sense. This will probably help:

Problem is the drive is thunderbolt and dont think NUC works with thunderbolt

Thanks i’ll look into it!

Thunderbolt supports USB as fallback, but many NUCs support Thunderbolt 3. Does the drive use a USB C type connector? If so, depending on your NUC, there is a USB C / Thunderbolt socket.

The issue is that Roon OS 1.0 does not support Thunderbolt, only USB AFAIK…

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