ROCK problem changing zones/sources

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC6i3, 4GB ram, 256gb NVME, 500gb sata ssd

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear 8 1g port switch into ASUS router into FIOS network

Connected Audio Devices

Dragonfly usb dac, powered audioengine speakers, iPad

Number of Tracks in Library

Small library, on sata ssd, tidal subscription

Description of Issue

Music playing to iPad via iPad Roon Control app. From library. At 2145 switched to usb->Dragonfly->3.5mm->speaker. No sound, control shows no play. Switch back to iPad for audio, no play, no sound. Attempt reboot from web page gets error saying try manual. Power off (switch) NUC, disconnect power cord. Replug power cord, switch on NUC. Now no sound no play. Give up, going to bed….

Hey @Romano_Grey ,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. We apologize for the considerable delay in getting back to you.

Since it’s been a while I wanted to inquire whether you were able to get everything up and running again? If not just let us know and we’d be happy to jump in and help.

Sorry, forget to close the loop. Complete reinstall resolved the issue.

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