ROCK Problem - Roon Database and Settings Not Ready


I’ve been running Roon Rock very successfully for around six months now (including updating to V1.8 when it came out), but it has stopped working.

Roon Core Machine

Rock running on - Intel NUC NUC5i5MYHE i5 Core 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rock is connected by ethernet cable to TP-Link AC1900 router which then connects to players via wifi.
Music storage is on a Synology NAS, also connected to same router via ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

RaspberryPi 3b running RoPieee
Squeezebox Radio

Library Size

circa 700 CD albums worth of tracks

Description of Issue

Around 2 weeks ago, Roon stopped working. The remote apps couldn’t find and connect to the core anymore.

I went on to the ROCK web interface and it said/says the Operating System is OK, but Roon Database & Settings are Not Ready.

I’ve done the usual thing of rebooting a few times, but it hasn’t worked. I’ve also “Reset” the Roon Database & Settings button, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. Here’s a screenshot:

I’m hoping you can help me resolve the issue please. Thank you.

Hi @Tim_James

Any change if you reinstall the OS?

Are you able to grab logs from the database location? Is the RoonServer folder showing up properly?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I must admit that I’ve been a little nervous about reinstalling the OS in case that goes wrong. Is it relatively risk free to try?

I’ll take a look at the database files once I’m on a networked machine.


Hi Dylan,

No, the RoonServer folder doesn’t seem to be showing up. This is what I see:

Hi @dylan. Realised I didn’t @ you in my previous replies.

Hi @Tim_James

Thanks for the followup, and sorry for the late reply.

Yes, reinstalling the OS from the Web UI is definitely risk free and pretty quick.

Unfortunately, though, what you’re seeing appears to be in line with what we’ve seen in the past when an internal SSD is failing. I’d run some tests on the drive that you installed ROCK on and see if any errors are reported.

Thanks @dylan. I’ve ordered a new ssd hardrive and will start over with installing roon rock on the NUC. I’m hoping I’ll be able to install my backed up database and preferences etc, but we will see.

Hey @Tim_James,

Just following up to see how this endeavor went - I am hoping you’ve been successful, but, if you need any help, we want to be here for you :nerd_face:

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