ROCK Question About System Time

This is non-urgent and is more of a question than a real problem. I have my NUC BIOS configured to boot the device at 0715. The NUC starts up and the Roon Server log indicates this happened at 0715 as expected.

However, the ROCK status web page shows an up-time value that suggests the system actually booted an hour later.

Here’s an attempt to screen shot the whole lot;

So my question to @support is why the discrepancy?

Hi @Tim_Rhodes,

The time in the logs is UTC and not your local time zone — Depending on the time zone displayed in Alarms & Clock this could explain the difference.

Hi @dylan

Ok so I’m in the UK and we are UTC+1 at the moment, which makes some sense of the logs.

Does ROCK set the NUC BIOS clock? Because my BIOS is configured to start at 0715 specifically. So I’m not sure why it is actually starting at 0815. I will double check the BIOS setting; the machine is headless at the moment obviously.

Hi @Tim_Rhodes,

Yes, with ROCK installed the clocks will be using UTC, so you would need to account for that difference when setting the device to boot.

Thanks @dylan I will experiment with the BIOS config!

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