ROCK ripping multiple disc albums

Can anybody tell me what the best way is to rip multiple-disc-sets to Roon Rock?

Ripping single cd’s works fine, but I have many 2-4 disc opera’s and I can’t seem to get satisfactory results with them.

Disc 1 will get recognised as usual, but the subsequent ones won’t. Manually editing the metadata works fine and intuitively for minor details, but can easily become a major chore with 50+ tracks. After this, when I try to merge cd’s into one album, some tracks seem to get lost or misnamed.

Hence, the ripping functionality seems to manage single disc albums exclusively right now. It would be really great if Roon could recognize disc (a) from album (b)… a minor request from a otherwise very happy classical-listening Roon user :slight_smile:

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This has come up before, iirc there was a significant discussion about it. Try a search, it’s late here but if I find it tomorrow I’ll merge topics.

My advice is don’t use Roon to rip, use a 3rd party application…

I use dBpowerAmp have done for years and am very happy with it.

There are of course other good ripping tools out there.


Use third party software. Also, I myself create subfolders CD1, CD2 … Then it is simply transferred to Roon.


Like others have said, use a third-party app on your PC or Mac.

The issue is caused by the fact that Roon is attempting to use the metadata on the disc to identify the album, and box-set metadata is usually a complete mess.

Using an app such as dBpoweramp allows you to correct the metadata prior to ripping the CD, and thus Roon is able to construct the box-set correctly.

If you rip box-sets on a ROCK/NUC setup, you’ll have to fix up the metadata after the rip using Roon’s own album editor, and likely have to combine the individual CDs back into a box-set. This will be a PITA, Roon’s editing tools are intended for occasional corrections - mass editing is not their strong point…


Third-party software is not an option for me, since my Ipad is my “pc” and I am not in the need of a traditional desktop.

I was satisfied with running Roon on a NAS, but decided on building a ROCK to have ripping functionality in the comfort of my listening room, to have a sort of poor man’s innuos, if you wil.

I dislike the idea of taking a stack of cd’s up to the office to do the ripping, I want it to be part of my listening habits. I am sure the Roon team will manage to perfect the ripping proces one day!

Well, there is a bug in the actual ripping process that affects some users - and this won’t be fixed until Roon OS 2.0 is released, and I have no idea when that will be.

However, more seriously, I fear that you are being optimistic that the Roon team will ever be able to “fix” garbage metadata automatically. I suspect that manual intervention will be necessary for a very long time…

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another vote for dbpoweramp. I give multidisk CDs the same exact ALBUM name, but use the DISK field to contain the disk number, and for naming I have sub directories under the ALBUM folder for each disk (Disk 1, Disk 2, etc.). All works well in Roon this way.

The CD ripper in ROCK does not use the ACCURATERIP database as far as I know. That’s a limitation. If one is bothering to rip their CDs, one should do it right and do it only once. (I speak from experience as someone who initially ripped 5,000 CDs to mp3 back in the 1990s…all ripped to FLAC now).

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All been said above. Box Set recognition is best managed elsewhere, get the metadata right before dropping into the watched folder

You might try SongKong to identify the Work/Part tags especially if these are actual box set releases. It does a lot of the hard work for you. It uses MusicBrainz or Discogs data.

Classical box sets are not Roon’s number one feature :smiling_imp:

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I rip a few compilation albums.

The best way I’ve found is to rip the first disc and then rename it to CD1. I then use MP3TAG on Mac/Windows, drag the CD1 into the window and mark it as Disc 1. I do the following for the next discs.

Once they’re all ripped, I drag them all into MP3TAG, add all the meta data and rename everything correctly. Then finally, I add to ROON.

While ROON has great meta data, I don’t like my files unnamed, it makes no sense.

ROON organises everything neatly as an album/compilation.

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The problem the OP has is that ROCK and Nucleus don’t generate the “normal track names” on ripping as they are designed for use only in Roon so there is no need to visualize the ripped filename, I have never used the ripping feature but this is the case I believe.

Hence ripping outside of Roon is preferable to get normal file names. What you describe is right .

I would Create a Master Folder for the Box , then rip each disc as CD1 etc . Beware putting anything after the CD1 eg CD1 - Act1 or something as Roon will treat that as a separate album and import it singly.

Also make sure the individual CD’s have the correct Disc#, and that all tracks have the same album name eg Mozart: Don Giovanni , avoid adding Act I or anything else to the album name that will confuse Roon’s lookup.

I don’t claim to be an expert but I did loads of Box Sets when I digitized 10 years ago, converting to Roon 6 years ago I had to redo lots !! :sunglasses: