ROCK – Run off of bootable USB Drive instead of from internal hard drive?

Hi folks,

Is it possible to run ROCK off a USB Drive and NOT off of an internal hard drive of an Intel NUC?

I’d like to load the OS from the USB drive to RAM, then run it out of RAM. This is similar to what I did for Euphony – but am considering the move to ROCK so that I can have a built-in DSP option.


You can have built in DSP with Roon regardless of the operating system it uses. And Roon is possible using Euphony.
But to answer your question specifically you can only load ROCK on a SATA (or NVMe) compliant device. Not USB.


You are the person to talk to! Is there a sonic improvement with Roon via Euphony, really? I know there’s millions of threads on it - but generally, what’s your take?

This is purely a personal viewpoint. ROCK simply worked. Euphony seemed to have an edge with sound quality if Roon had all DSP and processing switched off. But it was not reliable playing tracks in Tidal so the trial lasted a couple of days. Hardware was a 7i7 NUC. I was able to select the boot source so had M.2 with ROCK or a USB3 thumb drive with Euphony.

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