ROCK runs perfectly on Lenovo M93p Tiny

So I was concerned about non compatibility at first, but I was bored this weekend and I love to tinker anyhow. I had an old Lenovo M93p tiny form factor laying around (which you can pick up for $200 on Amazon with an i5, SSD, and 8gb of ram + its whisper quiet at listening distance for me, 8-10ft from speakers) and so I followed the instructions to get the ROCK img on a usb stick. Plugged that into my pc, booted unto it, installed. It was soooooooo easy. I opened a browser on another computer went to the IP address it told me to go to. Then I had to install ffmpeg and reboot. The Roon documentation is so good. Cheers to that team! Links below.

I just wanted to share this to encourage people to play around. So happy I dont have to spend money on extra hardware, or keep up with updates on Windows 10 (that was installed before). Any questions let me know.


Hi John,

I’ve followed your instructions to the letter (also on a M93p) - but the ROCK GUI is still now finding the codecs. I’ve double extracted (70MB file) and dropped them in the \data\codecs folder.