ROCK Server - Don't show up in Linn app - My NAS did

I have been using Linn and NAS for many years.

When changing a NAS, it has always shown up in the Linn app. But I have changed to ROCK/NUC. And ROCK server do not show up - see below.

On my PC I can see ROCK and add files to the storage etc.

But it don’t show up in the Linn app.

I am probably doing something wrong :slight_smile:

THX for any suggestion


I think you need server software running. Kazoo & the Linn app need to see servers, such as KazooServer, Asset UPnP, minimserver or others. Your NAS probably had something running.
I run up Kazoo & the Linn app every so often as I trial beta versions of Linn’s software, and neither have ever seen my files on ROCK here, in three years of running Roon.


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Linn uses UPNP or a variant of they came up with, Roon uses RAAT