ROCK setup and migration is fab!

Just wanted to say thanks to the Roon folks for the ROCK implementation - I had a nuc7i5 built, ROCK installed and my Roon setup migrated all in about an hour thanks to the clear instructions and the related CA article. It’s up and playing, sounds great and stupidly quick. Whatever slight Bluesound gripes I’ve had, I couldn’t ask for more from this setup - thanks!


I have to agree. The set-up is very well documented and saves a lot of time.

Agreed; I set up a ROCK over NUCi5 today and the Roon part was virtually effortless. The only part of the instructions I feel could benefit from a bit better articulation was downloading and copying the drivers over.

Installing the NUC hardware was quick and easy, and the ROCK install process was well documented, straightforward, highly automated, and quick.

Up and running in less than an hour.

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I just migrated from a Windows 7 PC to a mini PC from 2012, core i5, 10GB ram, SSD internal, USB 2 1TB portable disc for music storage. Tiny, fast, quiet, Ethernet, and in another room.

I had zero issues with the Win 7 setup (running Kodi among others softwares), just looking to divide and conquer splitting off the more general use Win 7 machine from Roon or vice versa.


Our ROCK install was faultless using the directions given on this site.