ROCK Shutdown Procedures

The time has come to build my NUC. I have a choice to have ROCK or Windows 11 as the OS .

I know all NUC users will clamor for ROCK but I have a specific requirement.

I live in Johannesburg which is notorious for thunder storms . From August to March we are likely to get a daily thunder storm and some times pretty hairy ones. A few years back I lost the majority of my HiFi (amp, 2 x streamers, switch) when a neighbors tree took a direct lightening strike . So I am super cautious.

Long Story Short I disconnect all equipment from all mains and network connections as a storm hits and certainly overnight every night for the summer.

The question …

I know how to handle Windows shutdown as I do it currently daily.

How do I shutdown a ROCK appliance, indeed is it he same for a Nucleus ?

  • Can I simply pull the plug without stopping anything ? Will that damage things like a power failure on Windows for example.
  • Do Is shut down via a remote control app
  • Do I need to shutdown with a web interface
  • When I replace the plug will ROCK restart by rebooting etc on the ON switch of the NUC

The NUC will be accessible but not easily (inside a cabinet ), it will be headless so no “orderly shutdown” as per my normal windows procedure currently via a monitor

Do I need to log into a Web Interface EVERY time i need to shut down ?

Has anyone any experience of this sort of set up , I am sure someone must but I appreciate most Roon cores are on 24/7 .

You have several options to power down the NUC.

  • A short press of the power button on the front panel,
  • Use the web interface at rock.local, or
  • Execute http://rock.local/1/poweroff from any browser or using a script from another machine, e.g., curl http://rock.local/1/poweroff.

I use the last option with other machines and a UPS.

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@Martin_Webster has outlined the options you have.

But I would add, do not just pull the plug on it. For there database corruption lies.

You can configure the NUC (via its BIOS) to come on automatically at a specific time and you can set whether you want it to stay off or power back on after a power outage. I would always recommend ‘stay off’ here personally.

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Thanks all

as I expected there is more than one way ( I wasn’t really going to just pull the plug !!)

The local Switch seems the best ,I want something simple and quick without resorting to a keyboard

Sometimes the storms are quick and violent you need to move :smiling_imp:

For Rock/Nucleus, the Web UI has a power off button. It did not work for a period of time but mine has been working again the last several times I’ve needed it.

I keep the WEB UI on speed-dial (bookmarked) for fast access, no login needed. //ROCK or IP address

A press of the power button should initiate a graceful shutdown.
A long press will initiate an immediate power off.
When all else fails pull the plug - but I’ve not needed to do that.

I would not use any automatic startup. Simple press of the power button and about 30 seconds to one minute the NUC is up and running.

Thanks Mike

I’ll try all these once I get it built

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